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Art Sparks
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Many students and teachers commented that Memory, Myth & Cultural Transformation was the most unique and enjoyable presentation of the year. The audience was very impressed with the professional quality, and the knowledge imparted about cultural symbols and mystical thinking as they relate to art.

Eleanor Lumish, EF Lecture Coordinator,
Marymount College

In Memory, Myth & Cultural Transformation, I retrace my first ten years of painting expeditions; share the influence of nature, prehistoric art, and world religions on my art; and explore the relevance of my work in a larger social context. I share photographs of some of the earth’s most beautiful places and the influence of these places on my creative process. The intense beauty and spirituality of these places, whether created by humans or nature, shaped the development of my work. The result emerged as lustrous collages, symbolic paintings, and poetic mythologies.

In 1984, I packed my paints and began traveling. I journeyed to the Galapagos Islands, where I sun-bathed with iguanas and observed feathered mating rituals and rookeries. In the South Pacific and Australia, I was awed by Uluru, or Ayers Rock, the world’s largest monolith. It looks like the heart of the earth and is sacred to Australian aborigines. In Asia, I sought out temples and wildlife sanctuaries in India, Thailand, Bali and Japan. In Hawaii, I experienced a sense of the sacred as I lived and painted in the volcanic fog of Kilauea Volcano, daily pumping molten lava into the sea. In these flows of creation, I found the fusion of nature, spirituality, and art. In 1993, I lived for a year in Crete, site of the prehistoric Minoan Civilization. During my time there I participated in an archeological tour of Turkey. Eventually I came to understand that my art is about the transformation of pain into the celebration of life.

I’ve presented my presentations and films, led workshops and focus groups, and participated in panel discussions and readings across the country including at children’s museums, schools, libraries, and film festivals. These venues include at The Explorers Club, NYC; The Museum of Photographic Arts, San Diego, CA; the NAEA (National Art Educators Association) national convention, Fort Worth, TX; the Children’s Museum of Art, Richmond, VA; the Santa Monica Library, Santa Monica, CA; the Jacob Burns Media Arts Lab in Pleasantville, NY; the Birch Wathen Lenox School, NYC; The Chapin School, NYC; Marymount College, Tarrytown, NY; LA Convention Center, Anaheim, CA; The Hastings Center, Garrison, NY; Renaissance Kids, Poughkeepsie, NY; the Downing Film Center, Newburgh, NY; the Field Library, Peekskill, NY; the Desmond Fish Library, Garrison, NY; Merritt Bookstore, Cold Spring, NY; the ArtFull Living Designer Show House, Cold Spring, NY; and MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art), Baltimore, MD, among others.

To schedule a presentation, please email me at, or my studio assistant at

Before I Started My Travels, I was Making 3-D Paintings
with Horse Shoe Crab Shells, Screen, & Wooden Crates, etc.
6'4" x 4'2" x 9"

Galapagos Tree in the Sea

Sun Shadows in the Galapagos

Painting Inspired by the Galapagos, 14 x 20 inches

Painting Inspired by the Galapagos, 14 x 20 inches

Galapagos Land Iguana

Painting Inspired by Galapagos Iguana, 14 x 20 inches

Uluru, Australia

Painting Inspired by Uluru, 3.5 x 6.5 feet

Painting Inspired by Uluru in the Rain, 3.5 x 7 feet

Australian Fern

Painting within a Painting, Australia, 16 x 24 inches

Balinese Roof with Palm Trees

Balinese Temple with Sunburst

Balinese Prayer

Painting with Archetypal Symbols, Bali, 24 x 36 inches

Arches in India

Collage, India, 24 x 20 inches